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Personalize Your Financial Planning

Check out our newest service designed to guide you on your financial journey.

Remember your first day of work? Or college? Or the first time you started anything? Milestones like these tend to be exciting and scary at the same time, because as they open the door to new opportunities they also open up plenty of opportunities to make mistakes.

Starting on your financial planning is similarly exhilarating and nerve-wracking when you realize what you can potentially achieve. Yes, getting started is generally said to be the hardest part, but you’ll still need to consistently re-evaluate your plan as your priorities, circumstances, and mindset continue to change.

Introducing Planning

While you may not have yet reached one of these “what does it all mean” pivots in your financial journey, we want to stay one step ahead by helping you stay one step ahead. Today, we’re launching Planning, our newest service to help you confidently navigate through your financial life. Planning is designed to uncover new recommendations for what to do next as your preferences and milestones progress, evolve, or do a 180.

WiseBanyan's Planning Screenshots.

Planning personalizes your financial recommendations and is free for all clients.

We’ve divided Planning into four strategic stages: Getting Started, Building Your Foundation, Removing Risk, and Increasing Efficiency. There’s no hidden meaning or word play in these names – as you start personalizing your plan we’ll analyze everything from your foundation to your financial risks to your overall efficiency, and present what we recommend you focus on next. After you’re caught up, we’ll continue working in the background to find new ways to strengthen your financial plan across these four stages.WiseBanyan will help you navigate your financial planning

Let’s Get Personal

WiseBanyan will help you navigate your financial planningThis is just the start of our vision for Planning, and you’ll continue to see updates across your dashboard throughout the rest of the year. Just like everything else in your financial plan, getting started sooner is better than later, so take a few minutes to personalize your financial planning today!

Brian Ramirez Brian is the Chief Strategy Officer at WiseBanyan and can be found giving it his all to make sure the product and marketing are top notch. He tends to type with two fingers.